Planning and Development Management



FoBRA continues to take an active interest in planning policies that affect the city of Bath, and in planning/listed building applications that have an impact wider that the immediate locality of the development. More local projects and development proposals are left to member associations, who are encouraged to seek support from the Federation if they think they are particular importance.
The full FoBRA committee meets approximately every two months, and before every meeting a Planning Sub-Committee (PSC) considers and submits a planning report for members to consider. This is then discussed in the full meeting and any necessary action agreed.
Some projects we are currently monitoring include the proliferation of Purpose Built Student Accommodation and new hotel development in Bath. We are also participating in the evolution of the B&NES 2016-36 Local Plan.

Development Management

The Council's Development Management Committee (DMC) has a statutory duty to determine all planning applications on behalf of the Local Authority. FoBRA's PSC monitors both national and local policies and specific proposals which may impact on our priority objectives or the interests of our members and provide information and or comment when appropriate.

14 December 2018