Next FOBRA Meeting

Monday November 25th, 2013   7:15 pm
St Michael's Church crypt, Broad Street, Bath

Bath Rugby: Nick Blofeld and Simon Pugh-Jones, Chief Executive and in-house architect of Bath Rugby (BR), presented concepts for their new stadium; mentioning continuing disputes about Rec status; the poor state of the current stands, which were also too small; architecture which would celebrate Match days' "festival spirit", and "touch the ground lightly"; and the internal facilities of the proposed west stand, including a riverside daytime café. In questions, members were concerned about: the size of the west and east stands and whether they could be reduced; whether famous views would be affected; control of riverside crowds and drinking; how seasonal would be the east stand; flooding; wind survival; and increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Afterwards, members discussed the way ahead, agreeing that FoBRA should submit to BR a list of questions to be answered, but otherwise remain neutral.

Seagulls: Aled Williams, Council's Environmental Protection Manager, and Paul Munday, Pest Control Supervisor, joined in a discussion on Seagulls, prior to the Council's Seagull Inquiry day. Members' questions covered: people who feed birds; treating seagulls as vermin and exterminating them; enforcing use of food caddies; hessian sack use and storage; lack of Council support for egg treatment; definition of best practice; nesting sites and their elimination by netting or by design; enforcement of litter laws; changes to the law; and bins for RVP in summer or for events.

Chairman's Report: This included: alcohol harm reduction; Western Riverside; B&NES' budget fair; and Healthwatch. The meeting agreed that Ben Howlett, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate should attend a forthcoming FoBRA meeting.

News from Member Associations: There were 3 reports, the largest from Widcombe, which covered: developments in drop-off at the rail station; Beechen Cliff school floodlights; and Smallcombe Farm path diversion.

Planning report: This included: Core Strategy (Green Belt land for housing); student housing policy; Newbridge P&R approval; Saw Close casino proposal; housing at Ensleigh; and Govt proposals to deregulate amplified music outdoors.

Winter Reception 14th Jan 14: Arrangements are going ahead and tickets are on sale (£10 each).

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