Next FOBRA Meeting

Thursday June 13th, 2024   6:30 pm
Widcome Junior School



Ordinary Committee Meeting 

1. Apologies

2. Minutes to be approved from committee meeting March 7th

3. Introduction of Observers – Wellsway Bath Residents’ Association (vote to join FoBRA)

4. Local Plan update

5. Milsom Quarter Consultation update

6. World Heritage Advisory Board update

7. Noise management policy

8. (Planning report and transport report contained in Chair’s annual report for further discussion at September Committee meeting).

9. A.O.B

You can read the minutes of this meeting here


Annual General Meeting 2024 

1. Minutes (approve minutes of 2023 AGM)

2. Annual report - Chair

3. a) Accounts for the year - for approval and adoption

    b) Set a subscription for the ensuing year - Treasurer

4. Elect a Chair, Vice Chair; and an Accounts Examiner

5. A.O.B

6. Close meeting


You can read the minutes of this meeting here



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