FoBRA experts at work

Whether with 'new political groupings and models of public administration' or helping University Students' Unions engage more with residents, we need to encourage organisation of resident opinion; ensure resident views remain important to the Council; that protections for residents are enforced; and that promises made to residents are delivered. This includes:

  • Meetings by members of FoBRA's Executive and Subject Leads with our MP, with the leadership of the Council, with parties not currently in power, where appropriate, with the police, Chamber of Commerce and others in the business community, Bath Preservation Trust, Network Rail, First Bus and First Great Western, the National Organization of Residents' Associations, etc.
  • Outreach to nascent residents' associations and other movements of importance to Bath residents, whether members or not, such as Democratic Accountability Bath.
  • Involvement with events and concerns in Bath such as the possibility of flooding, Bath City Conference, Bath City Forum and other governance efforts, enforcement, and occurrences which could affect or threaten the residents of Bath such as legislation.