Transport Report

Transport Report - May 2020

1. The implementation of the Bath Clean Air Plan has been deferred from November 2020 to a date in 2021 yet to be confirmed, due to the impact of coronavirus. NO2 levels across the country are reported to have been dramatically reduced as a result of reduced traffic during the lockdown. One report found that NO2 levels at London Road have more than halved. The weight limit at Cleveland Bridge is another factor; a considerable reduction of traffic was reported before the lockdown.

2. The Cleveland Bridge Listed Buildings application has been withdrawn. No explanation has been given, but it appears to be a technical issue with Listed Buildings requirements. The 18 tonne limit in remains in place.

3. Social distancing could be an issue in the city centre when heavy traffic movement resumes and pedestrians are forced onto crowded pavements. Measures which could help avoid this are to advance the planned closure of Kingsmead Square to traffic, and pedestrianisation of Milsom Street, something that has been discussed extensively in the past. This was put to the Council at the recent meeting with the leadership. The Council has taken advantage of reduced traffic volumes to conduct an experiment to check the feasibility of two-way bus working in Broad Street, which is seen as a prerequisite for closure of Milsom Street.

4. Work starts this month on a new bridge at Bath Quays for pedestrians and cyclists, the first new crossing of the River Avon in Bath for 100 years. The bridge will connect the development sites of Bath Quays North and South between the riverside and Bath city centre.

Patrick Rotheram, Transport Lead 12 May 2020

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