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Transport Report 18th July 2019

1. B&NES air quality data for Bath in 2018 has been placed on the FoBRA website. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Bath finally are showing some sign of reducing, but remain well above the legal limit in parts of the centre, London Road, Wells Road and elsewhere. A surprising new exceedance location is Brassknocker Hill. The data shows the continuing need for action to reduce air pollution in Bath.

2. Robin and I met Councillors Neil Butters and Joanna Wright, who share the B&NES transport portfolio, on 11 June for an initial discussion. They confirmed that the Council is proceeding with the introduction of a Class C Clean Air Zone (excluding cars), with the current CAZ boundary, subject to possible minor adjustments.

3. The Lib Dem manifesto proposed "using best practice, like Low Traffic Neighbourhoods" (LTN), to stop rat-running through residential streets. We welcome this, although LTN do need to be considered in the context of an integrated traffic plan for the city, something that FoBRA has long been calling for. Local communities are critical to the development of LTN and members are invited to give serious thought to what would be suitable for their areas. Information on the LTN concept is here:
Adam Reynolds (Cycle Bath, and FoBRA affiliate) has been involved with LTN studies and will give a short presentation at the meeting. He will be speaking to the attached chart. You may find helpful to take a copy with you to the meeting.

4. Robin and I met the WECA Director of Infrastructure in June to discuss FoBRA comments on the WECA consultation draft of the JLTP 4

5. The transport and pollution statement on the website has been revised following discussion at the last Committee meeting.

Patrick Rotheram, Transport Lead 5 July 2019

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